Make Money With Elokings Income in 2020

In this article I hopefully believe that Student ranging from the age of 15 to 35 can start making side or extra income with his/her Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC with the help of Elokings Income.

Elokings Income

Elokings Income is a Forum that is mostly designed, built and created for the purpose of generating income sidely in a legal and Stable manner. By Using this Forum, there are so many way in which the user can earn but it will be listed and thouroughly explain with Details below;

Before the listings of the Earning methods, let's actually learn a little or just know the Concept of Online Income Site.

Online Income Sites are website/forum designed for the purpose of making side income for mostly students and non-working/unemployed/self-employed Group of people, there are different types of Online Income forum, listed below;

1. Budepays Income 

Visit the Site -

2. Insme

3. Fonax Trade

4. Team Bulldoser income

5. Canddash income

6. Odap -

The Secret on how the site earn revenue is that whenever a user visits the site whether for Registration, Login, Reading News, Commenting on News Sharing Content etc the site earned earns because most of these Income sites apply Highly Paying Adnetwork on their sites that pays them for impressions and Clicks. Adnetworks like ADSENSE, ADSTERRA, EZIOC, REVENUE HITS, POPADS, TABOOLA, PROPELLERADS, ADSKEEPER, ADNAIRA etc. Most of them even add more than one Adnetwork to Increase the Earning Rate they also earn through Link Shorteners and the Rest.

Activity Ways to Earn Consistent Money on EloKings

Note: You can only earn when you have Registered and logged in to the website, so if you want to Register Scroll down to the end of this Article and See the Registration instructions.


If the Registered users of Elokings Go to his/her home page and Click on any post and Read the Article for the Minimum if 5 Minutes He/She earn 10 EIP (Elokings Points), You can read upto 5-10 posts per day so you can likely make upto 100 EIP Daily depending on your Seriousness.


The moment any Registered User Login to his/ her Elokings dashboard fort the first time in a day he/she earns 50  EIP (Elokings Points). You earn this once in a Day so don't try and logout and login and also, If incase you login and you didn't receive your Bonus just sat in the site upto 5 Minutes then log out and still login it will definitely reflect.


Some may call it Sponsored Post or Income Posts, but this is how it works If you share a Sponsored Post to your Facebook or and Other Social media Forum you actually earn 100 EIP (Elokings Points).

You can be allowed to with whenever you earn up to 6000 EIP which costs A good Value and rate and withdrawal are on monthly basis i.e You can only withdraw once in a Month with no maximum withdrawal.


Whenever you Register on EloKings you earn a free 300 EIP (EloKings Points) without doing anything but just Registering into the Platform.

Refferal Ways to Earn

You earn The amount of N500 Naira Whenever someone register with using your Refferal link or from your ads and campaigns you made.

You earn 50% of his/her Registration Fee

You can Edit and In your own Referral link

You can create Banners that you can use for campaigns and Ads

You withdraw your Profit Separately whenever you have more than N1500 in your Refferal Balance on daily basis.


1. No fraudlent Comments

2. No Pornographic Comments

3. No Insults or diguse

4. Always follow Instructions 

5. Report any Unpleasant Action

6. Contact Admins or Vendors for Guidance


Firstly you have to Purchase a coupon or Activation Code, they are same things actually.

Buy from JOKER TV, You can contact him on WhatsApp By Click HERE or calling this Number 08139791430


Pay in N1000 to Buy the Coupon Code to the Account Below;

Bank Name: UBA

Account Number: 2143132286

Account Name: Pereowei ITU Muchlove

Then send debit alert screenshot or a Snap of the Deposit Slip for Proof if payment to the WhatsApp number 08139791430 then the Vendor will Send you your Activation Code.

After Purchasing the Code Successfully You den have to Go to the Registration By Clicking HERE 

Elokings Income

Tap on add Coupon Code/Activation Code add it 

Then fill the Information below correct don't forget to tick on Create account.

Your Account is Successfully Setup for Massive Earning


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