Will 2020 NECO Results Meet Up With 2020/ 2021 Admission? See Answer

Will 2020 NECO Results Meet Up With 2020/ 2021 Admission? See Answer

You can get confused about whether the 2020 NECO June/July results will meet up with this year's admission. This is because most applicants are aware that WAEC will do but they can't say so much about NECO.

Well, truth be told, the answer to that question is YES - It can. However, it may NOT. Let’s look at it closely. In order to clarify my YES and NO position on this, read to the end of this post.

Why YES – 2020 NECO Results Will Meet Up with Admission

The answer is YES because, under normal circumstances, all schools must allow WAEC and NECO to release their results before they start or close their admission application. In fact, some will wait for the two results before selling the form at all. Some schools will give their applicants more grace to update their O’level results shortly after NECO results are announced. Only a few schools usually rush the sales of their post UTME forms.

Why NO – 2020 NECO Results May Not Up With Admission

If you’re chasing any private universities whose Post-UTME forms may be too early to come out, and a few military universities in Nigeria, it’s possible 2020 NECO result may not meet up. More so, if you're proposing to use NECO results for this 2020/2021 admission 50% Gurantee you
Admission, you may eventually be luck for some institutions. The exams body had consequently picked February of 2021 for the conduct of the Mark-up papers. As a result, this may delay the release of the results which will obviously force most schools to close the admission forms before the final release that month or a few days later.

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