JAMB CAPS Notifications And What They Mean

JAMB CAPS Notifications And What They
Since the JAMB CAPS portal was enabled for candidates to check and confirm their admission status, many candidates have been a bit confused about certain terms they see ontheir dashboard. This post is to explain the meaning of some of the terms you are likely to find once you log on to
JAMB CAPS portal.

Please you are advised to only check your admission status on JAMB Portal through your JAMB Profile . Once you are on your JAMB CAPS page, the important thing you should look out for is what is written under “ ADMISSION STATUS” If you have been offered an admission, what you will find under your ADMISSION STATUS is “ CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION! ”. You will equally see two buttons under it: “ ACCEPT ADMISSION” and “ REJECT ADMISSION”.

You are expected to click on the appropriate button to either accept or reject the admission. Like JAMB said earlier, if
you accept the admission, it means the admission window has closed for you. If you reject the admission, you will be available in CAPS MARKET PLACE for other schools to consider you for admission.

On the other hand, if your admission has not been approved yet, what you will find under your admission status is “ NOT

Now, “NOT ADMITTED” simply means two things;

(a) that your school of choice has not sent or proposed any list of admitted candidates to JAMB.

(b) It can equally mean that your school has sent in the list of admitted candidates but you have not been considered for admission.

If your Admission status says NOT ADMITTED, you can check back later to see if there are any changes especially if your school of choice has not released its admission list (either on its website or Notice Board) when you first checked JAMB CAPS.

ADMISSION IN PROGRESS ” is likely to mean that you have met the requirements to be admitted to your school of choice, but for certain reasons like Admission Quota and other admission criteria of your school of choice, your admission is still pending. Candidates in this category may be offered admission later if other candidates offered
admission by the school decides to reject their admission thereby creating room for more admission slots.

“ RECOMMENDED” means that you have been considered for admission but your admission is still under review to ensure
you meet all admission criteria set by your institution and JAMB. Finally for those having issues logging in to their CAPS portal through their JAMB Profiles, please try using a computer system or change your browser. You can click here to chat with us on WhatsApp in order to help you.

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