The examination to hold online and physical at the University environment, candidates are to select that which is suitable for them.
To select your examination date, log on to your examination portal,

select book exam.

you are to provide a working email and enter the verification code sent.

Online Screening Steps

1. Kindly note the following steps in preparation for the online screening:

2. The online screening and oral interview holds Mondays to Fridays between 8am and 3 pm.

3. The recommended application for connection is ZOOM, and it is downloadable by clicking here

4. The recommended browser is google chrome and it is downloadable by clicking here.

5. Install the Zoom software on your system prior to the day of your exam.

6. The only recommended device for this screening is a computer system e.g. Laptop with webcam or desktop with webcam. Other gadgets such as Phones, Tablet, IPad or IPod are not allowed.

7. Use of Earpiece is compulsory for the screening.

8. Applicants are to make use of the calculator on the computer system only.

9. Ensure that you test your system microphone, webcam and earpiece to be sure they are working perfectly before the day of the screening.

10. You are to be seated and get set for the screening at least 30 minutes before the booked time.

11. You will receive an email 30 minutes before the commencement of the screening for instruction and also the conference link from

12. For a PDF version (containing graphical images) of the procedure click here, and for the video, demonstration click here

13. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for the e-screening

14. During the screening process, ensure your system or the webcam does not go off or disconnected to avoid disqualification. In other word, ensure your system is fully charged before sitting for the screening.

15. Dress code is formal.

For enquiries send mail to or
call 08056693393;09042753282;07025425258

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